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Merced Irrigation-Urban Groundwater Sustainability Agency (MIUGSA) Formation

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) was passed in September of 2014 and became law on January 1, 2015. SGMA required all high and medium priority groundwater basins to be managed by one or more groundwater sustainability agencies (GSA). These GSA(s) will have the authority, and obligation, to develop one or more groundwater sustainability plans (GSP) that develops solutions for the long-term sustainable management of local groundwater resources.

Each groundwater subbasin was required to have all of its geographic area covered by one or more GSA(s) by June 30, 2017. MIUGSA was formed to sustainably manage the Merced Groundwater Subbasin, which is a Critically Overdrafted Basin (GSP due January 31, 2020).

Public Agencies Representing MIUGSA:
City of Atwater (Municipal)
City of Livingston 
City of Merced (Municipal)
Le Grand Community Services District (Municipal)
Merced Irrigation District (Ag and Domestic)
Planada Community Services District (Municipal)
Winton Water and Sanitary District (Municipal)

MIUGSA Contacts:

Hicham Eltal - Merced Irrigation District
Vice Chair
Stephanie Dietz - City of Merced
Jennifer McMaster - Merced Irrigation District

MIUGSA Boundary/Map:

The boundary of the MIUGSA is generally the footprint of the MID boundary. See Map Below.